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We’re offering a broad range of massage services in a pleasant, quiet and clean environment. Whatever your means are, be assured that you will be served and treated like a king. Do not try to read our thoughts, rather share with us your desires and discontent because no one is perfect. However, straight dialogue remains an ideal way of true communication…

Our erotic and tantric massage


Tantric massage is practised in the spirit of naturism, which means both partners are naked. Using warm oil, the masseuse coats her partner’s body using all parts of her own body, buttocks, breasts, in a very sensual and erotic way. The massage can last as long as you wish.

Tantric massage

Without exchange
30 minutes: 100 €

Showers, taken before and after, are counted during that time.

Tantric massage

Without exchange
60 minutes: 150 €

Showers, taken before and after, are counted during that time.

Erotic massage

60 minutes : 200 €

Shower shared with the girl, followed by a hand-to-hand massage.


Tantric service
60 minutes: 350 €

A tantric delight with an accompanied shower,

VIP GFE service (a listening ear)


For more patience, listening, confidence and complicity. Depending on the masseuse, spend an enjoyable moment without any hassles…


30 minutes: 150 €


45 minutes: 200 €


60 minutes: 250 €



After a quick shower in the company of our masseuse, enjoy pleasant moments in our jacuzzi of only 2 places. A mix of air and water allows the massage of certain parts of your body. These jets are the kings to tone the back, waist, relax the neck, massage the thighs and relax the feets.

Erotic jacuzzi service

Shower included
60 minutes: 240 €

The famous Nuru gel body massage GFE


Many of you contacted us to get a discount to test and experience our famous Nuru massage. Today, in our new setting, you have the opportunity to make your selection after testing the Nuru massage. You like to share? This is the massage you need!  Try it, we bet you will like it!

Trying the Nuru massage is an extraordinary, sensual, erotic and divine experience!  The Nuru massage comes from Japan. The Nuru gel is made with a seaweed-based gel. The erotic Nuru massage is practised in the spirit of naturism followed a very slippery and sensual body-to-body.  The masseuse massages you with her body in an erotic and gentle way. Once you have experienced the Nuru massage, you will never go back to another massage!

How does the Nuru massage work:

Two or three partners start with an erotic massage in the shower. Then, since the partners are naked, the massage can start after the man or the woman lies face down. The masseuse coats her own body with Nuru gel and then begins an iconic body-to-body just like an interlacing slide. The masseuse uses her spells and advantages while whispering soft and soothing words in her partner’s ear, while massaging him with her body. The erotic Nuru massage then turns into an extremely hot and sensual massage.

This massage is not recommended to skittish people. If you are one of them, don’t just lie there, but start moving too. Why not move with the masseuse? An erotic massage is more enjoyable when shared with mutual respect.

Erotic Aqua Nuru

Performed only in the shower
40 minutes: 180 €

Nuru on futon bed

Shared shower followed by Nori gel massage
60 minutes: 230 €

Escort service


There is no reason you should leave home if you don’t feel like it. No worries because some of our masseuses will love to visit you exactly where you are, as long as it is around Brussels.
To get this service, you will just have to explain to us in detail what your expectations are, and we will offer you an appointment schedule with a young lady…

Escort (incl taxi)

1 h: 300 €

Escort (incl taxi)

2 h: 500 €
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